Editing Services

Having spent the last 20+ years writing and editing technical information I would like to offer my services to other writers in the form of editing your works so it is one less thing you have to worry about as you get ready to publish whatever you are putting forward.

I will keep things simple in terms of services offered and will use page count to determine cost and turnaround times (which will depend heavily on how much extra work I generate with this).

I have changed my pricing model to simplify things. As you will see below, the alternative model reflects a price of $3.50 per page for proofreading and editing. Please enter the number of words in your document in the box next to the order button to get the ultimate cost.

All items should be in MS Word format or PDF, whichever is your preference, and with MS Word I will use track changes to show all corrections which I might recommend you make. In the PDF’s case, I will mark the document with recommended changes for you to make once you receive it.

Please contact me with questions at iwrite4mealone@gmail.com and we can work out pricing to get the work done for you if need other arrangements, I will work with you.

Order button below will send you to PayPal to make payment. The primary thing you will have to do once in the Cart is to change the number of items based on the number of pages you want edited.

Click the Buy Now button above and select the number of pages which you need to proofread/edited. After the transaction has completed, you can then send me files at idraw4mealone@gmail.com and I will give you a time frame which it will take me to complete.