A little about me, I was born in 1969, grew up in Central New Jersey where I spent the vast majority of my life, until a few years ago when work required me to leave New Jersey, which was actually a wonderful thing.

Graduated from high school in 1987, and at first tried college, that didn’t work out so well as I never really liked school, so I entered the workforce and started out my career doing design drafting work, which I did for several years.

My first job was as a Physical Therapy Aide, I almost went to college again after that to go into Physical Therapy, that didn’t happen, as shortly after I landed a gig doing drafting and design work with an Industrial Engineering company, this was my way to keep drawing, as this was when pencils and pens were still being use for drafting. I actually kept at this type of work to stay in touch with my creativity until I got my first gov’t contracting job. That was 20 years ago and the start on my current path, which is as a Technical Writer. I work on technical publications for the Army mostly, and that is about all I will say in those regards.

Beyond that I am a Certified Personal Trainer (through the ISSA) and Certified Firearms Instructor (through the NRA). I have plans to do some personal training on the side from my full-time gig to earn some extra money, as you can never have enough extra money. But I primarily think I am going to be looking towards doing more writing and editing in order to bring some of the extra money I would like to make.

About the college thing, 30 years after I started that first foray I finally got my degree, in 2017 I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, was a magnificent feeling.

Today, I live in Delaware, I still am a Technical Writer, with 20+ years of experience, and likely will continue doing this for quite some time, though this site is about developing my art and also seeing if I can make some money from doing that. I have a distinct interest in horror, fantasy, abstract and erotica, and I am going to work my way through developing art in each of those genres.

Please keep in mind that though most of this blog will focus on my journey back to being an artist, I will share my day-to-day life with you all as I struggle to get myself to where I am creating art regularly, as that is my struggle and I will also be basically all over the place with what is running through my mind or catches my attention that I will share.

Join me on my journey to see where this all goes.