The year of 2021 that is. It has been pretty eventful in some ways and pretty uneventful in others.

For me the biggest thing is I started painting and getting back to creating art, something I really hadn’t done in well decades. It is something that I have wanted to really start doing again for quite some time. Reality was that fear of sucking stopped me for a long time, but I finally just said well if I suck, I suck, but with time I will get better again being it has been a long ass time since I last did anything related to art.

More recently I have been trying to change jobs in terms of my full-time gig, mainly because I am tired of doing the contractor thing and just want to work at a job that isn’t tied to a contract of some sort or another. And I would preferably like to move back towards the management side of the house which I had to move away from sort of. I don’t necessarily manage people, but I manage the other contractor providing the work to the people I work for.

For 2022 my goal is to hopefully change up that job, start selling some of my artwork, and to actually create more of it faster, as I am a bit slow in making that happen right now. It would be great if I could eventually make a living from it, not thinking that could happen in a year but hey stranger things have happened.

So, as the end of this shit show (you know due to the thing we can’t control) of a year comes to a close do your best to make the best of it and head into the new year with a plan to bring about some success in your life.