Well, I finally took some pictures and got them uploaded here in the store so now I have a total of 4 paintings available for sale.

The next two I am working on are for the wall in our own house though I will post pictures here after they are done. And I should be able to come up with what I intend on doing next while I am finishing these two.

Life in general the last couple of weeks has been pretty busy, mostly with trying to get things done for Xmas as it is approaching quickly. Still no idea what we are doing on that day itself, probably won’t figure that out till next week sometime.

I am planning on going back to full blown Keto as far as my diet goes, I have gotten too lax as of late and have been eating like crap for the most part most of the time. I have been keeping to getting in two workouts a day most days, I have had a few days where my knee has been too problematic to get in the first workout which is when I lift, yesterday in particular it felt like someone had stuck a knife in my joint, it was fun, and then today it was more or less all good other than some clicking and grinding, nothing over the top.

Right now, I will be looking at trying to drop a minimum of 15 pounds by the middle of next month, which is very doable if I can get my ass in gear and get on the Keto thing again and do it full bore. I will also be including IF (intermittent fasting) which I have already started doing again.

This is all for now, might post some pictures of the current painting I am working on for our wall tomorrow.