I finished two new paintings recently which I have yet to add to the store here but will be hopefully later today or by tomorrow.

I am working on something else as well but that is to hang on our walls, but I will post pictures of these when I am done with them.

Heading into a time where work will be a bit slow, being a federal gov’t contractor around this time of year can get really dull, with most gov’t folks having to use up use or lose vacation time they take nearly the whole month of December off.

Another thing I have to really start getting into in the new year is creating more NFT’s and posting them for sale to see if I can make anything happen with that as well. The first one hasn’t sold yet, but we will see.

I would in the end love nothing more than to make a living from creating art, I find that it would be so much more rewarding than what I currently do. I just have to actually sell the first painting and maybe that will lead to more sales after that happens.

OK, that is it for now, maybe another post later, we will see.