But trying to get better, at least it has only been a bit more than a week since my last post. In the meantime, I have started up a new painting after finishing up one, so that is good. The one I just started I am thinking it will be done by tomorrow fully. The one before that took me a couple of months to get finished because that work thing got in the way.

I just had to travel for the full-time gig last week, it was a quick 4-day trip which was brutal on the way home, more than 14 hours to drive back from Georgia to home in Delaware, it usually takes about 10 and a half hours.

In the fitness realm things are going, my weight has been stable but I still need it to be going in a downward direction, with my bodyfat going in a downward direction as well more so than anything. I decided that I am going back to intermittent fasting and going to be really leaning on Keto again heavily to see if I can get the whole bodyfat decreasing going again. My workouts aren’t bad, I just have to get up and do them first thing in the AM which has been difficult at times but once I get going that shouldn’t be an issue. I feel so much better getting that AM workout done and then hitting an afternoon cardio session later in the day once I finish with the full-time gig.

I am also going to be working on some NFT’s and I did one of them today and will get that posted tomorrow, while adding some more NFT photos to one of the other albums I started with them. I am hoping that at some point I can develop enough of these and sell them so that I can pay off all of our current debt, that isn’t a small number but that debt does include 3 cars that I want to pay off as well. I just have to get my shit together and start creating them on a regular basis.

Well, this is all I have for today.