I am really bad at this whole blog thing, and I know I have to be better about it especially now that I am actually starting to produce things. I just finished another painting which I haven’t posted as of yet but will be doing so before the end of this week.

It hasn’t been all that easy to get stuff up here at times because my job has had me quite busy and traveling a great deal. I am right now preparing to travel coming up this Sunday, with my return being the day before Thanksgiving. I expect the ride to Georgia won’t be too bad but the ride home could potentially be hellish with all the people potentially traveling the day before thanksgiving.

I have plans to start another painting this week as well and I have promised my wife I will do a couple for our walls in the living room which I just picked up the canvases for and some extra paints to get them done. I don’t think they will take all that long to get done but I tend to make things take longer than they should so these coming pieces I intend on getting done faster.

Another thing I am going to work on is doing some NFT’s and get those posted for sale, if I don’t get to them prior to my trip I am going to work on them while I am on that trip.

On the diet and fitness front, still getting in daily workouts but my diet right now is for shit, though I am coming to find that the lower my carb intake is the better off I am and so that will be my goal is to try and get my carbs to say around 50ish or less per day and will be doing my best to cut out most if not all sugar though I intend on giving myself at least one day a week to cheat.

I think that is all for now.

Later, David