I have been pretty bad in terms of getting posts up here on a regular basis, life has just been busy as all get out.

My regular job has had me traveling for about half of each of the last 3 months and for the next 2 months as well, as a matter of fact I am prepping for a trip that starts on Sunday with a long drive to Georgia for a week.

I have been painting so at least I have been doing that. I am currently working on my third piece and I have two listed for sale already but in a shop through another site. What I intend to do over the weekend is to bring that storefront to this site rather than having it off site. This way I am continuing to manage everything in one place making my life far easier.

I have the new e-commerce platform installed on the site now, I will be using WooCommerce which is done by the same people that created the WordPress software so it all works well together and it looks pretty easy to set up and keep going.

That will be all for now, but I intend to get better at doing this and keeping people up with what I am doing as I get back into doing my art stuff.