So I have been really busy, far more than normal for sure. My full-time job has had me traveling again for roughly two weeks out of every month recently and in the future for a bit, so I am losing two weeks every month.

In the meantime I have added something new to the walls in my office space:

And I have been working on a couple of pieces which I am painting, something that has me totally out of my element as most of what I have always done is drawn.

The one to the right has come along a little further since this picture was taken. It now has its entire background in place, which is just a metallic black. These are both acrylic on board.

I have been reading a lot of books too recently, pretty sure my book count from just the last 30 to 60 days is well over 5 with two still in process, both of which are hundreds of pages. One of those books is The Story of Art, something I recommend to everyone who is an artist or into art read without a doubt.

I am also working on a new logo for the site, that is in progress and I hope to have that done and in place of what I have there now.

Just wanted to drop a quick update since I haven’t put anything out in quite some time.