Right now I am plowing through some new books that are about art and right now different aspects of sketching and also reading through a couple on abstract art, with one new one I am looking to purchase and read as well. The primary book I am reading right now is Sketchbook for the Artist by Sarah Simblet, nothing to report on it as of yet, I just started it but the book had some really good reviews so that drove me to buy it.

I have two pieces I am working on painting right now, one is started, and the other is laid out and I know how it will be in its end state once I get to it. I also recently set up a container to use for doing some fluid art, which I also plan on trying either before I do this upcoming work trip or after I get back. Needed a way to not make a huge mess while still being able to get the work done, most of the upcoming stuff I do this way will be smaller, 9 x 12 up to 12 x 18 which is just around the size of the container. Once I get these made up, I will list them here for sale while I also look into other locations to sell the stuff as well.

It would be nice to actually get started and hopefully get to a point where I can make some sustainable money through creating art and selling it, that is a goal. I will also likely branch out to art related tshirts as well to boost those earnings probabilities as well.

Just wanted to put up a fresh post to let people know what I am doing.

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