Yes, it is Monday yet again; I am seriously not a fan of them at all.

So this site has taken a big turn in just about a week. I would say going from writing to art is a big turn for sure. This took some thought, but not too much.

Some background, when I was growing up I was seriously into art, love it, I would draw regularly, and this continued as I had high hopes of going on and studying art in college. I likely would have done just that if my parents hadn’t interceded and state that art won’t make you much money in the real world. During high school I had taken a lot of drafting classes so when I got done with high school I continued this in college to keep in touch with the whole drawing thing, but college was a drag because I wasn’t really doing what I wanted to do.

So decided that it was time to go to work and get a job. My first job had nothing to do with art at all, but it was my first full-time job which at least was close, I was doing drafting and design work with an industrial engineering company. This was a time (late 80’s) when you still actually used pencils and pens to do drafting work. I continued doing this type of work for a few years but got further away from doing art related things, it just got put on the back burner.

I have been doing work as a Technical Writer now for 20-plus years, with my first gig in this realm actually being able to do technical illustrations, which is what led to me becoming a writer. It was a means to an end; I needed to stay employed, so I jumped in with both feet. After a while there was no more technical illustration work other than some touch up stuff here and there and it became all writing, then eventually all editing and now I manage the work that contractors do for the gov’t.

Having always been interested in writing I figured I would do that, which is part of the reason for the blog, so I could write, but then I got to thinking and realized that something I was really missing was creating art. I have over the years done a little creating here and there, mostly graphic design stuff, logos for myself and for others, business cards and letterhead other things like that for people. Nothing huge.

It is funny; I was pretty good at the whole drawing thing, and likely only would have gotten better if I had just kept it up instead of letting it fall to the wayside, but now some 25 plus years later I am working my way back to getting the courage up to do it again, it isn’t easy, there is fear I will suck at it, but of course I will initially I haven’t really picked up a pencil to draw in a long time, it has been years, being I took an art class a few years back just to shake the rust off, I should have kept shaking the rust off when I did that but I didn’t.

So a couple of weeks ago I painted something I got an idea for on a plane, of all things. It isn’t anything complicated but I haven’t ever painted anything it isn’t finished yet but I hope to finish it in a week. And then I also saw something pretty cool to try, fluid art, so I have been collecting the stuff I need to make some of that as well, they are abstract type paintings in the end and I just love the abstract style, so can’t wait to get that started.

Then there is drawing, with pencils, I need to seriously get back into doing that as well, and I will, that is part of the plan. I have to travel for work so since I will have a bunch of free time will take some sketching pads and pencils and charcoal and get to it and see what I can put on paper just to get warmed up and redeveloping my lost skills.

OK, I am babbling at this point so I am going to end this here, I just wanted to put some background to the huge change for anyone that might want to actually read it. I will of course be posting anything that I draw and or paint here, and most of the paintings will be available for sale after they are created.