For real, for the time being. We have gotten two snow storms in the last week, though this last one had lots of ice with it. It has also been rather cold, but that is pretty normal for this time of year up here in the North East.

As usual, I have been pretty bad at keeping up posting here on the blog, but then again I have been pretty busy with the full-time gig as well and that really makes doing anything else difficult as I have to do that work first. Today I decided I would take some time to put something here today so that I am getting at least one post in for the week.

Things are the same, I am busy but still behind on things that need to be caught up on, like the bills. Losing what amounts to a small portion of our combined income you would think wouldn’t hurt much, but guess what losing 6 – 7K over the course of a year makes a difference without a doubt. I am still working on figuring out a means of getting us caught up and getting ahead of the game. Primary thing I am working on is getting my online personal training business up and running, next on the list of things to help is writing which I have had little time to actually put that into practice at all, and the last thing which I will be doing is starting to do some artwork, I have a couple of things I am going to do already and ideas for other stuff which I am buying material for.

I am hoping to get the online training biz up and running by the beginning of next month, and I am looking to get some writing done sooner than later and hopefully once I get started with that I will get on a role and be able to keep it going in order to get that moving as something that maybe takes the lead in adding dollars to our earnings. The last thing will be the absolute last thing in order to get us back where we need to be, and maybe that won’t need to happen at all. We will see in the long haul.

Well, today was short, but just wanted to get something up here.