We had another snowstorm which was supposed to be a big one, they were talking about 15″ of snow at the start, by today which is supposed to bring the end of the storm it has now been less than 6″.

So decided that I would start doing another rational fast, since it’s the start of a new year, I figured why not. My starting weight yesterday morning was 213 pounds. Which was up from my previous weigh in at 207 pounds. It isn’t something that is all that hard to do, this will be the third time I have done it, the only problem is the weight loss isn’t permanent, at least all of it. And since I eat like shit, sometimes I never stay at the lowest weight I get to. I expect that by the end of it I will be around 190ish. Once I have finished that I will do strict carnivore at least until my birthday June 23 of this year, as I am working towards getting myself into my best shape prior to turning 52.

At this point in my life, other than needing to drop some body fat, I am pretty much in the best shape I have ever been in. If you don’t count my knee arthritis issues. That is something that I will not get away from, so the goal is to do my best to keep the knees feeling good and in less pain than normal.

The biggest thing this year I need to work on getting away from is eating junk food, it is like my other addiction. I got rid of the terrible ones but have replaced them with something that could be just as bad, so that is part of this two week long fasting period. Keep away from all the sweets during that time and break my sugar addiction a little.

I am still pretty bad with getting my posts up here and on Medium, but I am trying to get better at it and that is all I can do.

My regular job is getting busy, I am likely going to spend nearly a month traveling sometime soon, but the time frame is still up in the air. The extra money from that will be helpful for sure since we are behind on like nearly 5K of earnings, which is what I have to make up to get us caught back up to where we need to be. Writing isn’t getting me there yet, Medium hasn’t gotten me more than a buck in a single month, but then again I am posting nonsense there like here.

Well, this is all for now, and hopefully I will get more later or tomorrow.