So this weekend though fun was kind of boring. I did on Saturday get in my range trip, where I broke in my new carry gun, ran over 200 rounds through it, and it ran great, though I am not that great shooting in lots of layers and with gloves on so that is something I might have to work on but not till there is more ammo available at better pricing. The ammo crunch means though I had to run that gun for those rounds, I can’t be just running out to the range every weekend. Below is my MR920 from Shadow Systems. Mine has the black barrel in it, though. I have to put an optic on it, which is going to be a Holosun 507C x2 or Sig Romeo 1.

Shadow Systems MR920

I am a bit of a nut though; it was 25 degrees with a feels like temp of around 15 degrees while I was out at the range. I still had a good time. After the first couple of mags, you forget how cold it really is since you are having fun. After running the MR920 I am going to get the new DR920 this company has coming out in February, it is the full-size version of the handgun which I will run in USPSA with an optic on board.

Other things I did this weekend was spent some time playing Call of Duty, it’s a nice time waster but when I have the weekend to myself I like to get in some time on that to relax a bit. And of course on Sunday I got in a cardio workout since I missed Saturday because I wanted my range day.

Well, this is going to be all for now.