In my posting here the last few weeks, and I have still been getting some traffic to the site, more than I would have thought.

What have I been up to, well not much, mostly work, which has been extremely busy due to all the projects that I am involved with at work. One of those projects is going to get my ass dragged to Georgia soon, just not 100% sure when that will actually be. What will suck is that it will be a long trip, could be 4+ weeks. The good part of that is that I get paid extra money for making that trip, so that is a bonus.

The other thing I am trying to do is to work towards getting my online personal training business up and running as it will be the primary driver to get the money in our pockets that we need to make up which we lost from my wife’s extra drills that never happened thanks to this pesky virus that is going around. Right now we are basically down by around 5K or more, and this number will just continue to go up. Right now it hasn’t wreaked too much havoc on our ability to pay the bills, but as it continues, it is starting to. If I can sell enough training, I can make up that difference in money pretty quickly.

And of course I am working on this blog here or at least trying to because I really think that if I can get some actual writing going, I can use that to make some money as well. So this site is an ongoing thing and I just have to get better at posting here on this blog regularly and getting actual stories written, which I have lots of ideas for them I just have to actually get them written. Going on this upcoming trip could be a good thing for having that happen since I will have time on my hands with which I can use to get writing done. So this weekend I am going to try to be good and write all the way through the weekend and get posts up on this site and also on Medium as well where I cross post these.

This weekend I am going to also hit the range as I have two new guns that I have to run rounds through, one of which will become my regular carry gun, well actually two of them are both going to be carry guns. And if I like the one, I am likely going to be getting its big brother, which is due to be released for sale next month. It sucks that I am going to run rounds though, ammo is hard to get these days but I still have some range ammo left and it has started to appear more recently so I am going to do my thing because it is good to do and fun and I still intend on doing some USPSA competition this spring and summer so need to practice.

OK, I think this will be all for now.