And right now things are sucking. This suck really started after the whole COVID thing started. What is causing it is that we are becoming ever increasingly short on money at this point because of some lost income that we have counted on. That income is brought in by my wife from her regular multiple regular National Guard drills, since she has been doing three per month that has added about 600 – 700 extra dollars per month for us which we have been counting on and now that has stopped again, resulting in losing about 700 this month on top of the roughly 2800 – 3K we lost when her drills stopped when the virus first started up.

I am not sure how long her extra drills are going to be cut off, so I don’t know how much more this is going to get us behind, which is what really sucks. And of course I have been trying to get some extra money brought in to replace this but that hasn’t happened because well no extra money to market my online personal training business to bring that money and no money to market my editing and proofreading services so can’t get any money coming in from that. My writing on the blog here doesn’t make any money, and though I cross post, this stuff on Medium that has only netted me a max of 0.24 cents over the last few months. I think grand total I have earned around 1.50 on Medium so far.

If I could get the online personal training business rolling that would take care of the whole issue if I could replace that normally counted on income with say double what my wife normally brings in, though initially I would have to bring in at least triple that in order to cover the money we already have lost, and I am hoping to come up with something for the beginning of next year to get that going.

Well enough crying about that, not like it will do any good, money just will not appear after all, just gotta figure out how to get it coming in is all. That will of course be the hard part with zero marketing budget.

On a good note, just finished like my 4th go around with the workout program I have been using, and I love it, and love getting up at 4AM to get those workouts done. Right now doing an active rest week just doing HIIT cardio on the AM and then another cardio session in the evening. Next week I will start back at my regular workouts again for the 5th time around.

I will have a chance of getting some extra cash, supposedly I might have to travel for work which will require me being gone for 3 weeks, that equates to extra money, though I won’t be happy about traveling for that long at all, because it looks like I will be gone the entire month of January, mostly. Per diem isn’t that much though, and not sure if traveling to a place where the virus issue is on the rise will be worth the risk. Have to see what becomes of that and all going forward.

This will be all for now, maybe I will post again later we will see.