That first snowstorm of the season was basically a bust, we got maybe 2 inches of snow and a lot of sleet and ice. It was a big disappointment as far as snowstorms go.

On a completely other topic, I have started looking outside of my normal work environment (fed gov’t contracting) for jobs. The primary reason for this is that after 20 years of working in this arena and trying to land a gov’t job itself, I am done and have decided it is time to move on. This is more so because in the last 9 months I have had three opportunities for my job to be converted to gov’t and each time the rug basically got pulled out from under me for really no reason, each time was a done deal, no action required not even an interview involved just a conversion, and didn’t happen. So I am taking my skills elsewhere if some other industry wants me. That however is the hard part, but I am looking anyway.

In the meantime there is home that my side hustle ideas could pay off as well and maybe eventually I can walk away and focus on those, that would be a great thing, not sure if that can happen but it is something to work towards. It will probably still wind up the writing/editing stuff will allow me to earn the most money, but Online Personal Training should be a close second for sure. As far as creating art, I do not expect that to make an enormous amount of money that is more going to be for fun, but if I score some earnings from it all the better.

This week just finished up the last week of another 10 week stint on my EMOM program, and I will take a week off just doing HIIT Cardio before starting up with this same 10-week program again, as I like it, and the workouts are short and straight to the point. I am still getting up at 4AM to get those workouts in and though I am not a fan of early morning hours; it gets me to an early start time for work allowing me to drop off early with working at home. I also am still doing my afternoon cardio for half an hour 4 days per week and I will continue that as long as I am working from home.

Well, this is all for now, maybe some more later.