Today we are getting our first snowstorm, a bit early as I don’t remember anytime in recent history that we have gotten snow this early in the winter. Though there was a time when we would get snow in early November back home in NJ. Supposedly this storm will deliver up to 5″ in our area.

It is funny because I work from home now any such thing that would add up to extra time off of time off for the snowstorm doesn’t even count at all since I don’t have to go anywhere. Kind of sucks! It’s all good though, as I have lots of work to do and not enough time to get it done.

I have been thinking a lot about the side hustles that I am trying to get going and what I want to focus on the most, although I should put some focus on all of them so I can diversify the money I earn across multiple different things. The easiest of them would certainly be writing, which would just take me sitting down and getting it done. You would think that would be easy, not that easy, or at least I keep procrastinating in actually starting. The same goes for my artwork, I keep putting that off, though I have started getting some stuff ready, supplies has held me back on that, but I have everything now. Just have to take some time with that. The online training part of it will be the hardest because it requires finding people willing to pay good money in a time when people don’t have a lot of money coming in order to better their physical condition. I suspect that will be a bit harder to get moving. Which is why it will get only some focus till after the new year, and I will focus on the first two in the coming weeks more.

Writing here should be something that gets me going more so in the right direction with the whole writing thing, but it doesn’t always translate the way I would like it too. I just have to set a time to actually write something and get moving on that.

OK, back to work at the full-time job right now, just something quick to get things out of my head I needed to get out of my head.