So I have had a boring ass week, but it has been busy as all get out work wise. I have been in meetings every day, some day’s multiple meetings with some being at the same damn time. The primary one is boring as all get out, but I have to be on there because it pertains to something that I am overseeing on another part of the project. For that part, I spent all the last week on the phone in meetings for that. These are meeting using Microsoft Teams which is the new thing for us to collaborate.

Something I haven’t updated recently is how things are going on the fitness front. I am still getting up at 4AM and getting in a workout first thing before I start work, which is great, though I am far from a morning person this has been a great way to start my day since I haven’t been going to the office. I am still weighing in around 200, sometimes it goes up a bit and sometimes it goes down a bit. I am still mostly eating meat, but this works for me, so I am completely good with it.

It is funny I read something on Medium this week about getting sex every day when you had kids; I don’t have kids in the house and can’t get sex every day, so I found this kind of funny without a doubt. All I have is a small dog. It would be nice to get some every day for sure, but I don’t see that happening soon. Now mind you, I do some things here and there to pleasure myself, but I don’t think that counts as much. If I could convince my wife to eat some food and fatten herself up a bit more so she is more attractive to look at instead of her current move towards skin and bones that would be nice, but she is still hell bent on getting herself to turn into nothing more than skin and bones. Anorexia is a nasty thing, and it is continuing to rear its ugly head in my household and likely will for some time.

On my side hustle items I am trying to get going, one of which is this blog which once I write on regularly should help things are moving forward. One thing I hope to get with this site is some editing and proofreading work for authors or other writers being that uses skills I have developed over the last 20+ years at my regular job. The goal is one post a day, which I will also cross post over on Medium as well since I hope to make some money over there as well. A second part of this site is to actually start writing my erotic stories and selling them over on Amazon. That is a work in progress as well.

The other big thing is my personal training site, which will sell 100% online training that is up and running but I haven’t gotten a lot of traffic to the site yet and likely won’t focus too much on that till the new year.

And then after that I have my art, something which I really want to spend some time focusing on and getting my skills back with that. I have a couple of abstract type paintings I have ideas for and started to lay out the one and will do a layout for the other shortly. I have to look into getting some additional material as I think some of the paints I have will not be any good so I need to replace it, but I only need some black and white paint so I am going to pick that up this weekend.

This was a long one, but I told myself I am going to get a post in per day no matter what it is.