And it is feeling like it here for sure, temps in our area of the Northeast have been in the low 30’s the last couple of days and that has been no fun at all.

It is obvious since my posting is erratic I am still having an issue getting this done regularly, although I am doing my best to change that it is still difficult. I think it has a lot to do with just coming up with a title for the post itself, so honestly I might just start putting the date on it and running with it. Why not, at least till topics come up that warrant a proper title.

I actually still have to get myself to where I am doing actual writing other than this, and I know it needs to get done as it is something I intend on moving along to be a side hustle to make extra money but I keep procrastinating on that but that is also something I intend on changing very soon. I figure if I get the first story done or at least started, it should help get me moving.

Another thing I have been trying to make happen is making art, that I started, or at least started the layout of one thing I want to paint, it will be a simple abstract and I will post it here as soon as it’s done. I have to see if the old paint I have is still useable first; I dug that out a couple of days ago but have to check and see if it still can be used.

The art thing is something I really need to stop being so lax about, being it is something I loved so much and would have gone to school for decades ago if it wasn’t frowned upon by my parents and I would have done something as a career on that path. It of course wasn’t to be, and as I got more into working full-time art took a back seat to life. I know I can draw as I did it very well and would have gotten much better had I kept it up. Now I need to renew those skills and bring that out again.

It’s just like writing, I know I have the skill and the talent to make it happen I just have to actually do it. And since the subject or subjects I intend to write about are things I love it should be even easier, I just have to get to where I stop putting it off and actually get it done.

This will be it for now, maybe more later, maybe not!