So had a nice long weekend because of the holiday. It was nice, got a lot accomplished and only missed getting to do one thing, a range trip, but that will come this weekend as we just didn’t have enough time.

My work week is going to be wonderful, I have a full week of all day long meetings to go over a TM that was delivered by a contractor doing work for us. This TM is a mess and my initial review had over 400 comments.

The downside to this long holiday weekend was I ate like crap, but will make up for that at least till Christmas by doing full on carnivore or at least 99% carnivore till then and maybe past that depending on how I feel once I get that far. The closer to 100% carnivore I get, the better I felt and look, so I think that this time around it might wind up being a more permanent thing.

My wife’s answer to eating badly is deciding not to eat, though the entire weekend she really didn’t eat that much either. But I expect this from her all the time at this point. I have all but given up on trying to get her to eat properly.

One thing I hope to see from the carnivore style eating is an elimination of my inflammation, especially in my knees. If that could go away that would be a wonderful thing that would make me thrilled. If this pain I suffer daily decreases or goes away, I will definitely focus on eating this way 100% of the time.

Another thing I plan on doing here is writing more often I have to do that no matter what I might write about as it is something that will get me into the habit of just doing so. I have the same plan for my art which I got a couple of great ideas for while I was traveling for work last week and I am getting the materials together I need to make these two pieces happen as well and once I complete them, I will post them here. That should be before the new year.

Something odd to add, so I invested in some new underwear for myself as I haven’t replaced what I am wearing now in about 5 years, decided primarily on one brand as they are extremely comfortable but also looking at trying some from to see how comfy they are. Have to make sure I do this more often, or at least once they show signs of being worn out.

I have been rambling along here, but it is helping kill time while I listen to this meeting. They aren’t easy to get through when they are all day long!