So I had to send email and upload some documents in order for the school to make a determination as to whether I counted as a military spouse which I am, since I am married to a woman who is a member of the Army National Guard and according to at least a portion of the gov’t I am just so. But apparently the particular school I am planning on attending says she doesn’t count towards a discount because though she is an actively serving member of the Guard who drills 3 out of 4 weekends a month assisting in managing her armory, it doesn’t count. So the 30% discount that would have been nice doesn’t apply to me or even her if she wanted to go there. The school in question SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) just to throw them under the bus did at one point extend this discount to all service members currently serving, but somewhere along the way they decided some people just didn’t count. And though I got my Associates from there, I am throwing them under the bus because I think it’s bullshit that only some people count when it comes to the military.

So that is my rant for the day it won’t matter I don’t count and for ease of things I will probably still attend SNHU, but I am going to look into some other schools first that extend the discount to all military people and there spouses and not just “Active” service members and there spouses. So I will do a quick Google search at some point today to see if there is anywhere else and then to look into how transferring things works with them.

Well, this will be all for today, or at least right now.