Still looking into the whole school thing and returning to get my Bachelor’s. I have been in touch with people from SNHU and I am waiting for someone from the military benefits department to get back to me, but they haven’t. Trying to see if I qualify for the 30% discounted tuition since my wife is in the National Guard. I had an issue with email on Saturday so it is possible that I got the email and deleted it by accident so I am going to re-forward the email to them. The discount being returned will be a good thing and help decide if I want to do this more so, as that is why I chose SNHU to begin with.

Beyond that I am just trying to keep rolling with getting some writing done at least on the blog, but as you can tell I missed a couple of days. And when I miss any days I get no traffic, but when I do a post, I get some traffic. And some is better than none. I just want to build this to a point where I am getting a fairly healthy amount of traffic daily.

We had a pretty decent weekend here, at least on Saturday. The wife and I headed up to Northeast PA with our pup and went for a 4 mile hike at Hickory Run State Park, which was nice. We are going to have to go back when the weather is better and warmer. Friday we were able to hit the range and get in some shooting which I was pretty happy about, and I will probably do that again this coming weekend because it is supposed to be warm again so gotta get it in when I can.

Beyond that it is back to work for the week which is mostly no fun at all which is why eventually I would so love to replace my income and not have to do anything but my own thing from now on, but we will see if I can make that happen at all.

For now, this is all.