So right now I am thinking and looking at going back to school and likely getting my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. It was a thought popped into my head the other day because it just popped up there. I would do it through the same school I got my Associates through 3 years ago now, Southern New Hampshire University. I have had thoughts of it a few times over the course of the last couple of years since finishing my initial degree, but never really followed through.

Have to look into getting the military related discounts that should be available as my wife serves in the Army National Guard. They killed those discounts at one point but it appears they might be available again I just have to look into it. That is part of what kept me from going back because those discounts amount to a couple of hundred dollars per credit and make it possible to take more classes with the money I get from financial aid.

I figure it this way: I can’t learn enough with writing as a creative outlet and it has the benefit of keeping my loans at bay for a longer time so I don’t have to pay them back; it gives me more of a grace period, so to speak. That is a bad thing, but I figure the longer I can put it off, the better in my book.

So I started working on getting those answers today and hopefully by the end of the week.

Well, all for now.