These are the things I am struggling with trying to develop my side hustles which I will use to earn additional money outside of my full-time job, not that it pays bad it doesn’t being I make six figures, but the problem with that once Uncle Sam gets done with my paycheck every time I get paid, I am only making five figures. Which is why I am a firm believer in taxation being theft, because if Uncle Sam wasn’t stealing roughly 30K a year of my money to pay for bullshit I wouldn’t need a side hustle at all.

So the things I am looking at doing are the writing I do here, and on Medium, and what I am trying to work towards getting posted for sale on Amazon. I am also looking at hitting the site Upwork and putting in a bunch of proposals to edit other people’s work. That is something I am going to do this weekend and see how much extra work I can generate from that. I am not sure how that will work out, but we will see. The other thing I am doing is setting up an online personal training website which will be my other form of earning extra cash, which could be a lot larger amount since I will look at selling full year packages at well over 3K.

One thing I need to earn some extra money for is to pay down all of our outstanding debts, that will be first, I would like to see that happen over the course of the next year, with a goal of earning enough extra cash to pay all of or the vast majority of our debt off altogether. One other thing the extra money will help with is getting a new laptop, my MacBook which I am using right now is showing its age as its about 9ish years old. The goal is to purchase a new MacBook which is far more pumped up than this one which will cost about $3200 or purchase a new Dell PC with same specifications for about half the money, my responsible side says by the Dell PC which is what I will probably do. I will need this because the side hustles I am working on all require me to have an excellent laptop with full power since everything is all internet based that I will do.

What is rough is making the money we make and still needing more just because of the amount that our government takes away from us, we wouldn’t need anything extra if nothing was taken, it is a concept that the government doesn’t understand I am sure as it has gotten used to spending off our taxpayer dollars for so long.

Well, this is going to be all for now, have to get some work done, still have two certification tests to finish for the personal training side hustle.