I have been neglecting posting here the last few weeks as I have been busy trying to get my fit biz set up on another site, and because I am trying to complete three certifications from the organization I have my personal trainer certification through, I have 4 days left to get them done; I have submitted 2 out of 3, so as of tomorrow I will have 3 days to complete the last one, which I think I saved the hardest one for last.

One thing that I am having trouble with is though I love to write, I have a hard time sitting down and getting it done. It might have something to do with my disappointing job as a technical writer, which involves absolutely no writing anymore and hasn’t for around a decade. So the writing I do is all I get to do. And most of that is here, and on my fit biz site, and I also write on Medium under the alias I use here. That however isn’t as often.

The plan has been to write some erotica and maybe write horror, or combining horror and erotica and start submitting novella’s and or short stories to Amazon for sale. I haven’t gotten this off the ground yet because I haven’t had the time to do so since I have more or less sabotaged myself with lots of extra things to do in my life and also having to actually have a life and spend time with the wife and all. She likes that from time to time…LOL.

So right now I am just more or less trying to work out in my head how I am going to get these things done and bring them all to fruition as they are all about the same thing, trying to earn extra money which the wife and I need. I think whatever brings the most extra money is the thing I am going to focus on primarily, so it is yet to be seen which item will be the item that brings the dollars. One of the big things that the earned money will do is get me a new laptop which I will need to eventually get, my old trusty MacBook which I am using is aging and I don’t know if it will last as long as I have expected it would last.

I have lots of good intentions now I need to get those intentions turned into full realities.

All for now, talk to you all later!