So just got the email, passed one of two submitted exams, I am most worried about the second one, as I took a mulligan on the last essay question and just fudged that shit because writing an answer just isn’t the way it should be done, that last piece should be done as a video submission. Because in the manner in which I am going to conduct my business, I am going to use videos to coach the vast majority of if not all of my clients. Though I might consider taking on some local clients in a one-on-one fashion. So significant news for one of two so far.

In other news, I am adding this update here. The second cert I submitted, they emailed back to me requesting that I make some corrections because it lacked the detail they were looking for. I have to finish the nutrition one first before going back to it and I only have 3 days. I am figuring I am going to dump the bodybuilding cert since it doesn’t fit in with what I want to do. I will update this post again once I submit the Nutrition Cert, which I hope to do late tomorrow morning.

Update again, today, which is now 23 October, I submitted my Nutrition Certification exam, which I am sure I will pass without an issue. This leaves me with only the Bodybuilding one to resubmit, but with only 2 days and no genuine desire to work through that one and beef up the sections they wanted me to, I won’t be resubmitting that one. Update #2 for 23 October, I got word about 4 hours after I submitted my exam that I passed, so I just added my Nutrition Coach Cert as well. So I completed 2 out of 3 that I needed to get done, I will take that at this point. I have a new one Tactical Conditioning which I am far more interested in as I do more workouts such as this right now, its basically CrossFit/Functional Fitness which is how I am doing all of my workouts.

Did a quick 10 mile bike ride tonight too along the C&D Canal near where I live. It is an enjoyable ride along the water.

OK, all for now, just had to share the good news somewhere.