So now into week 9 of doing the new routine with just 1 more week to go before I start it over. I have to say that getting up at 4AM and getting in my first workout of the day is good and I like it. It won’t go on forever but could get to do so till the end of the year, possibly. I definitely won’t mind it at all.

This week I have decided that I am also throwing in intermittent fasting, and will continue to do that every other week from here on out. I feel that changing things up is good and hope that it will help to go further with my weight loss by allowing me to feed my body more than a couple of weeks out of the month.

The weather this week so far has been shitty, which has kept me from hitting a bike ride yesterday, but hopefully today I will get one. I have intended on mixing up my afternoon cardio either way, so yesterday I hit my elliptical for 42 minutes. And maybe Wednesday I will do a heavy bag workout and then another bike ride so long as the weather holds out.

Still working on getting the writing started, right now doing some research before getting into it and what not. Need to make sure I have my shit together before I put stuff down and what not. The goal is to get it done this week or beginning of next after I have all my ducks in a row regarding the full process.

I am trying to get to where I am posting here on the blog at least once per day, but even that has proven rather difficult as of late but that is also a goal of mine as well so I constantly have something for people to read if they should happen across the blog. I feel that will go along way to me being able to make the writing quotas I will probably set for myself as I move forward with the whole writing thing.

I also have to figure out the best locations for doing some advertising or something to help get some proofreading and editing clients so I can also use that for adding extra money to our incomes on a monthly basis and not just from writing alone. I also have plans to add some merch to this website that is writing and writer related, and I will work on that this month. I just have to fit it into the time I really have little of at all.

In the meantime, I have to get back to the all day meeting I am involved in right now.
– iWrite4Me