Today started week 8 of my early morning workouts, getting up at 4AM to get in a workout has been good, I surely don’t mind it at all, I prefer it at this point. I have also been doing a secondary workout in the afternoon after I get done with work. This has been a bike ride, mostly. By the end of last week I realized that I have been feeling beat up, mainly my knees, and that is likely the bike ride doing that because I have been hitting that at least 6 days a week and up till last week I was doing some 80+ miles per week. I cut that back last week to under 50 miles and the knees feel better at this point. This week I will cut it back more, biking twice maybe and doing some other workouts on the other days in the afternoon, thinking of hitting my heavy bag on those days right now.

This past weekend was decent, did more relaxing and got to sleep in. More so for my wife than for me, as she has been extremely tired since she did so many drill weekends in a row along with working 5 days per week in between, so she had nearly a month and then some straight working with no time off. The hard part is just getting her to slow down, she only has two speeds, all go or full stop. When she stops moving, she just falls asleep. I am sure some of that has to do with her lacking of eating since her body isn’t getting the nutrients needed to keep it operating properly. I got her to slow down a bit this weekend, but that likely won’t be something I can do next weekend.

I still need to get to writing other than here on the blog which I have yet to do, but this week I must make that happen and then I have to come up with a regular schedule to get writing done so I can start publishing stories to Amazon KDP to put some extra dollars in our pocket. I will also come up with some merch designs to offer here on the website they will be writing based for sure. Not sure what platform I will use to do the merch, but right now I am leaning towards Merch by Amazon for the moment.

This will be it for now.
– iWrite4Me