Yes, it is Monday again, every week unfortunately has to start out that way which is a bummer. Now mind you, some Mondays are better than others, but most of them just suck! Today wasn’t so bad though, so I won’t complain about it and all.

The weekend wasn’t all that bad either; it was the first weekend that the wife and I have gotten to hang out in three weeks because she has been drilling all the other weekends, now she has like 3 weekends off in a row which is good. We went for a long bike ride on Saturday, our son and my Mom dropped in for a quick visit on Friday and Sunday, we just hung out and didn’t do much of anything at all.

I started week 7 of doing my early morning workouts and they have been going great, love getting up to get them done and hope it can go on for quite some time though I know that will not happen, eventually this plandemic will end and I will have to go back to the office. I hope that I will get to go back in a new position, more like not a contractor and that would be mighty nice for sure. It is in the works right now. Just have to wait and see if the people trying to make it happen can make it happen. It is a waiting game at this moment.

My weight is down again, just two to three pounds, but I am back at 200 even. Not complaining, now I have to keep the downward trend going and I will be all good. I don’t see that as an issue so long as I keep up what I am doing and get my shit together with my diet, which has been shitty on and off. I have to get back strictly to being a ketovore without a doubt. I decided with my afternoon session cardio which I have been doing to cut it back; I was doing over an hour and I will keep it to 40 – 45 minutes from here on out or less. I think I have been doing too much at this point.

Now in all of this I still have to worry about my wife, she is definitely back into her anorexia and exercise bulimia, which I had totally forgotten could be a thing. She is hell bent on getting herself down to the weight she was before our son was born, which is under 80 pounds. She doesn’t seem to remember who unattractive I found her, not to mention I was afraid I would break her since I outweighed her by over 200 lbs, now it is just approaching the 100 lb mark I outweigh her by still. It worries me because I don’t know how much damage she is doing to her body in her quest to be smaller all the time.

Well, this is it for now, maybe more later, but not likely for today.
– iWrite4Me