Getting closer to the weekend and that is a good thing without a doubt. Work at my full-time gig has been nothing more than a shit show with what I have been reviewing. It is a mess. The company doing this work should know what they are doing, but they have show nothing more than their lack of being able to do anything right at all. They will require way too much hand holding than I would prefer.

Beyond that I am now in week 6 of my EMOM workouts, and I am definitely digging this style of working out. Enough so I will repeat this program again and then work on making up some of my own stuff at some point. My diet has been shitty though, eating way too much carbs, and that is something I have to stop doing and am working on it. Sometimes it just becomes easier to make something that has carbs in large amounts than to not.

It would be a nice if I could get my wife to eat though, she is hell bent on starving herself and is doing a mighty fine job of it right now. She is losing weight rather quickly at this point as she is eating less than 1000 calories per day, sometimes less than 500. I am not sure how long the human body can carry on with a net negative every day of calories consumed vs. calories used. To me, it is a waiting game before something serious happens. She has just become so obsessed with her weight that it isn’t funny anymore.

Another big event for me happened this past weekend. On August 9th, I officially started my 12th year of being clean and sober, always a big thing for me to continue to add another year.

This will be it for today, though you never know I might post something later.
– iWrite4Me