And we made it to the end of the week. A long boring ass week of work to boot. I have been trying to power through reviews of stuff for one project while having meetings for another. I definitely need this weekend.

Saturday will be a trip to the range, which I can’t wait for. Get to shoot my OZ9 again, which I look forward to for sure. Will also have both my Springfield XDM’s out with me. Contemplating trading one of them, but not sure, likely will be for something that is smaller and actually carryable, which my Springfield XDM OSP isn’t. Just have to decide if I will run over to my LGS (local gun store) and look at one particular thing they have. Or I might see if they can get me a G19 Gen 5, which I could then use for my carry gun all the time rather than my OZ9.

I have also gotten through 4 mornings this week with 4AM workouts, I will do the 5th one tomorrow later in the AM is all around 6AM instead. Likely hit a bike ride on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning. Sunday I get a break from weight training before going into week 4 of this program I am using right now. I am digging it though.

I dropped the intermittent fasting for now because post workout I needed to have some food, I just waited two hours post workout to have it. It has also helped with adding additional calories back into my diet, which I need to get. I really don’t think I have been eating enough. My wife doesn’t get that because, well, she doesn’t comprehend the idea that you need to eat. That is something I don’t see changing anytime at all, or at least not until it causes her some harm.

Well, this is it for now.
– iWrite4Me