That is the best description of how it is here in the North-East right now. The entire weekend has been that way. Saturday did a 40 mile bike ride and I think the temperature peaked during our ride at around 103, so it was HOT! Today we will see temps as high as 110 for what it feels like with the humidity. I will get in another bike ride though this afternoon after I am done with work though no matter how hot it is, as I did my weight training workout this morning at 4AM.

I have still been bad at getting in my daily writing, but I will attempt to get in a post of some sort or another this week at least to see if I can get it done. I have done it before so, no reason I can’t do it again.

One thing I have an issue with is I just get started doing other things and I wind up putting off doing that first post and then never get back to it. Like today, for example, I meant to do this first thing in the morning when I started work, but here I am now not posting it till nearly 2PM. I guess in the grand scheme of things the fact I am posting it is what matters, not necessarily the when. I just want to be better at it.

Today should be interesting, with feels like temps approaching 110 my wife still wants to go out running, I am forcing her to take water with her as I bought her a runners belt which she can carry 20 ounces of electrolyte filled water which she will need for certain. I worry when she is running in these temps because of her anorexia and the fact that she is so malnourished that it might adversely affect her health. Just have to get through today and tomorrow of her running in these conditions before it gets more normal temp wise for the rest of the week.

OK, this is going to be it for now.
– iWrite4Me