To get up at 4AM for sure, but the purpose is good, since I get to continue to work from home for the foreseeable future I have decided that I will do two-a-day workouts at least Monday through Thursday. I am now on week 3 of getting up and doing morning workouts; I started with just cardio workouts and then the last couple of weeks I have added in doing my EMOMs first thing in the morning, last week I did three of them, this week I am on track to do 5. In the afternoon after I finish work I break out my bike and get in some riding which has typically been an hour and roughly 13 – 14 miles each day.

My weight loss story is kind of like my writing journey, it has been long and drawn out. This might not be good for the writing thing, but it is an excellent thing for the weight loss end of things. Being I started losing weight at around 400 – 420 lbs., as I am not sure of exactly where I started. Now yes I was big, but I was also only around 18 – 20% body fat at that weight, my primary form of lifting way back was powerlifting, so I ate and I trained and I worked. It became apparent after the last time my left knee went south that I needed to drop pounds, lifting like I used to just couldn’t be a thing anymore. This all started roughly 20 years ago, but has paid off as I am now under 200 lbs for the first time in like 30-plus years.

Over the course of this 20 years there have been times during which my weight has bounced up and down, but mostly it has been a continued downward trend to today. The hardest parts to get through has been the times that my weight has plateaued as I have had to do things that might be more drastic than at others. Usually it has just taken a quick change in calorie inputs vs. outputs and that does the trick. Over time, this wasn’t necessarily the easy thing to do to make changes happen.

The last year and a half or so I have added things like Keto and Intermittent Fasting to my diet regimen to keep dropping pounds. Lately I have been doing a more Keto Carnivore thing with a heavy concentration on just eating meat and nearly Zero Carbs every day. This has been the best thing for me, and it has kept me off my plateau as they have come more often at this point.

Now mind you I haven’t really set foot in a gym for roughly a decade at this point, reason for this I have a gym in the basement of my house and I have had one for all that time and I just keep adding things to it in order to make it better. My workouts are mostly functional in nature now because at 51 I am not looking to be the strongest guy but more so good and fit so that I can keep moving under my own power for as long as possible.

Right now my end goal is somewhere between 175 and 180 pounds, and hopefully getting down to around 15% body fat, a bit lower if I can, which I think is doable. At my age that I keep making gains is good, though I might look into doing TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) as I think mine might be a bit low. It is something I plan on looking into during the later part of this year. If it turns out that this is an issue I will do the TRT and get my levels right and I am sure this will help greatly in getting me leaner and stronger and maintaining better fitness.

This is it for now, maybe more later if something else comes to mind.
– iWrite4Me