Well, this week has been good to get in all the exercise that I have wanted to do, I have been doing two-a-days all week. This morning at 4AM I was down in the basement doing my EMOM workout and that was brutal for sure. Not Tabata this morning, as I didn’t have time to do both. Not sure if I will get in anything later today or not, but we will see.

Tomorrow will be a range day again, have something new to take out which I need to put a ton of rounds through as it will become my EDC from here on out. It is a new ZEV OZ9C.

I grabbed this because it is a multi-purpose handgun and with this ZEV having the ability to transform into several size handguns makes it outstanding. Right now it is in its compact version, but I can also make it into a 19X size, so it will accept 17 round mags and larger. Once I have the additional slide for it, I will also be able to turn it into a G17 size Glock, which I will use as my competition gun once they happen again. I will also have the option to go up to a 34 size if I decide I want that longer site radius. This will also eventually get a Holosun 508T v2 after this weekend’s range trip, or during that trip as I want to shoot it with and without the RDS.

I have still been lax in getting my writing in here on the blog, but I am working on trying to be better about it; it is rough because I start work so early in the AM and then get involved and forget to stop and take a break and get in my daily post, but working on changing that for sure. Today will be another one of those busy days, have what could be a 5 hour long telecom later on this morning. Was the same as yesterday.

Another outstanding thing is I bought a new bike yesterday, the one I am riding is approaching 20 years old and just getting more costly to maintain, so this new one will last me another 20 years I am sure. I splurged and bought a Trek Marlin 5, which is the lowest cost Trek but more than enough for me and should be a much better ride than the current one.

The downside is they have been selling so many bikes it won’t be in till around October.

Well, this is it for now, might try to write more later.
– iWrite4Me