So last week in terms of my diet was really a mess, I had lots of carbs last week, far more than I would normally have. Mostly it doesn’t bother me to eat a good amount of carbs and this past week was no different, but the reality is I don’t like to eat them. I definitely am far more preferential towards meat.

In terms of exercise I was on point, I woke up early and did early morning fasted cardio every day, so Monday through Thursday I got in two workouts a day, Friday the wife and I drove to Valley Forge and rode 12 miles, it was not an easy ride either. We had a climb that took us over a small mountain; it was hard, and the trail we were riding on was just covered in loose rocks and large tree roots going across it. At one point I hit either of those exposed roots or a rock, I now am short one pedal on my bike and waiting on a replacement before I can ride it again. On Saturday we did a nice early morning workout and then headed to the range and got in some firearms training, working on improving my wife’s shooting so she does better on her next qualification for the Guard, don’t know when that is but any new training she does will help her significantly. Still waiting on my new Zev Technologies OZ9C, which I am really hoping gets here this week.

So now that I got in my carbs for a while, I will move back to just eating meat as this makes me feel good. And now I have to concentrate on doing just that staying carnivore, otherwise I will never get to my end goal because carbs don’t help in getting me there this has been evidenced since I started doing keto/carnivore and eliminating carbs from my diet, it wasn’t until then I started dropping more body fat and more weight.

I have been bad with my writing as I hardly did any of it last week at all, that had more to do with my regular job, I was busy and this week will be no different but I am taking the time to get this post up for certain as the rest of my week is going to be nutty with work. This is even with still working from home, which it appears I might do till at least the end of this year at this point as they walked back moving to the next phase of reopening where I work. I really don’t care working at home doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I prefer it; I have my home office, so that is a good thing.

This will be it for now, maybe more later.
– iWrite4Me