I decided that this week since I am still working from home I would start it off right by getting out of bed early (4AM) and getting in 25 minutes of fasted cardio. Turns out this feels damn good to get done this early. I will follow this up with an afternoon workout. I will now keep this up for the foreseeable future while I am working from home. I expect that to be at least another 2 months, hoping this will help me drop some more body fat as I go forward. My weight though I got a bounce back a bit after the longer term fasting is still under 200, and has been now for over 3 weeks, that hasn’t happened to me in decades.

I will run through some workouts from Barbell Shrugged called EMOM Aesthetics, which I picked up last week, something different and programmed by someone else other than me. Every now and again I like to do that. I will start that today as my afternoon workout, so cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon.

So I was bad and wrote nothing this weekend, but I have continued running through the Scrivener tutorials to learn how to use that before starting, that I find important. I think I still have a few of them, which I will run through to make sure I have a good handle on how the app operates.

My intention is to write this week, even if it is more just for fun over something I might publish. Though I could just jump right into what I will be publishing. There are two things I intend on starting one is a novel and the other items are erotic short stories.

I am also working on getting myself a new bike, specifically a Trek, to do that I am divesting some of my firearms items which I own, I broke down the P80 I built and will sell off the full slide, trigger group, magwell and a red dot optic, this will raise the funds needed to get my bike. And I also traded some other stuff away that I wanted to get rid of so I could purchase a ZEV OZ9 Compact, which because of its modularity will wind up being my only gun at some point, as I will add at least one additional slide and barrel and it will allow me to convert it to at least 3 different firearms. Those trades raised me $122 left over towards my new bike. That new bike will run me anywhere between $549 and maybe $649, depending on whether I go for the Marlin 5 or 6. That all depends on the proceeds from selling that slide and other items.

Well, this is all for now. Maybe more later, not sure.
– iWrite4Me