Well, so far it has been a glorious week in terms of weather. But beyond that the country seems to be falling apart at the seams due to bullshit being invented by the left (liberal idiots), sorry if I offend anyone who reads this who might be one of those idiots, well not sorry! You are an idiot! The reality is anyone that wants to see an end to our LIBERTY and FREEDOM is an IDIOT! Oh, and one last thing, where do I stand on things, racism of any type doesn’t belong in a FREE society but I 100% support all law enforcement (the real good guys, there are always some bad apples that need to get gone). I judge people on the content of their character, not by the color of their skin! WE ALL BLEED RED!

OK, enough of that. We get enough of it listening to and watching the damned news, which is getting old to me all on its own.

I have been bad this week, and this is my first post to the blog and I have been trying to get to at least daily posts, which hasn’t happened. I have to rectify that without a doubt, as no one will show up and read any of this if there isn’t anything here to read. It isn’t easy to sit down and find something to write about daily. Well, really it likely isn’t but I guess in the grand scheme of things I can be lazy.

This week is my birthday, well it was on Tuesday, I have now broken the half century mark. Most days I do not feel that old but some days I surely do, that all depends though on how hard I worked out the day before as that is a daily thing for me no matter what, I give myself 1 day a week as rest, and I might eliminate that because I got goals. You would think since I work hard towards my fitness goals that it would be just as easy to hit my writing goals, but they are very different things. I will get to the writing part though, it is just taking more time than I expected to eliminate my potential unpleasant feelings about it.

One thing I am working on right now regarding that is since I intend to use Scrivener for my writing I have to learn how to use it so I am watching their tutorial videos so I have a clue what I am doing and this weekend I intend on experimenting with it and starting two of my future projects while messing around with it. The plan is to start one short story and the novel I have in my head.

So those are the plans for this week and weekend. All I know is I will get there, as I need to, because it will put extra money in my pocket which I seriously need so we can start getting ahead rather than falling behind.

OK, this is all for now, maybe more later.
– iWrite4Me