I completed my two-week period of fasting officially on Saturday with my final weigh in. I weighed in on Saturday morning at 191.4 lbs. which comes out to 15.4 lbs lost during the two-week period. My starting weight was 206.8 lbs, could I have lost more, most likely as on Tuesday of last week I broke my five day fast prior to Friday and if I had made the entire 5+ days of fasting I feel that loss might have been more like 20+ lbs. Either way, not bad for just 2 weeks. I will probably have a bounce back of around 3 – 5 lbs afterwards possibly, as I will stay at that weight or go lower.

As of today I started something slightly different in terms of how I do my intermittent fasting, I am doing it backwards, usually I have been doing a 16/8 and I eat at lunchtime, with the next two weeks I am starting eating at 8 AM and my interval will be 18/6 instead, so shorter eating window and longer fasting period. I will try this backwards way of doing it for 2 weeks and then change it back to my regular way but eat my first meal later, say around 2PM. Starting tomorrow I will also add morning fasted cardio as well for the next 2 weeks since I am working from home I can do that first thing in the morning before starting work.

At this point I am about 11 – 16 lbs from my goal weight which will have me somewhere between 175 – 180 lbs, that I feel will be an ideal weight for me. I also hope to get my body fat level to well under 20% as well during that time period, and if I don’t, I will keep doing what is necessary to get that straightened out once I am at my goal weight even if that means increasing my weight again to lower my body fat.

Workouts will be the same weight training that I do in the afternoon, but I will add the early morning cardio session in the AM starting tomorrow after I have spent 18 hours fasting. End goal is getting leaner and lighter by the end of the summer. I got close to my goal weight before my birthday, maybe I can still hit it before my birthday, I surely hope that I can, I still have 8 days, I just don’t want to do anything else drastic to get there.

Well, this will be it for now.
– iWrite4Me