OK, I weighed myself this morning and my weight went up, but I think might have had something to do with breaking my fast too soon as we ate dinner last night and that might have messed things up a bit. That wouldn’t have happened had my Mom not come up so I could help her out with getting a bit of an extra discount at the local Home Depot on some flooring that she needed to do some updates on her house she is planning. It wouldn’t have been nice to chase her off without doing dinner, which is something we always do. However, I kept what I ate to a more keto style other than a couple of onion rings and a couple of french fries. I went from 194 to 198, and that was after still fasting for nearly 48 hours. We will now fast till Saturday to get in an extra day at this point.

Temperatures here have gone up considerably the last couple of days with it now in the 90s for two consecutive days. My wife though wonderful seems to think AC shouldn’t be an option to use, but she forgets I am not the biggest fan of excessive heat. Now I do my best to not use the AC in the name of being economical, but I draw the line at anything over 80 with the humidity heading north towards 100%. She seems to be immune to heat for whatever reason, being she is out running right now.

Well, this is just a quickie for now, maybe more later, likely not till tomorrow again.

– iWrite4Me