Today surely is a beautiful day for a Monday. I can’t complain, nothing went wrong at least in my life today so I am good with it.

Quick update on my fasting, over the weekend I could eat, so I took two short eating windows of about 6 hours and got in some food over the weekend and as of last night around 8 I launched back into the next piece of my fast. From last night till Friday I will fast, actually more like sometime on Saturday it will be when I break my fast. So I am looking at a minimum of 120 hours of fasting, though it will probably look to be more like 140+. So far, I don’t feel too bad. We will see how that continues as the week moves along.

Did my first weight training workout in over a week, I took a nice spill on my bike when I took it out for the first ride since last summer weekend before last. Hit the bumper of our truck with my hip, side and shoulder. I being me immediately shook it off and got on the bike and rode 30+ miles that day. It was a great ride, but I paid for it all last week, which is why I focused mostly on fasted cardio all week long.

My full-time gig has had me working from home pretty much since the middle of March, and apparently it will go on for most of if not all of this summer because I am not returning to my office if they will require me to wear any face covering. I will go nowhere that requires me to put anything over my mouth and nose period, I tried it one time and it is nothing more than stifling and for some who has worked their ass off to reverse the affects of asthma which I have suffered most of my life not doing anything that might cause it to return and breathing my own carbon dioxide is high on that list of items that would do so. That is something I keep reading in the literature they are sending out, so I will push off going back till the last phase of their approach when it is no longer required. I avoid any location locally that requires it and mostly just walk in without it and no one seems to say anything at least mostly, other than one time in Home Depot, but I ignored them and told them to send someone to throw me out of the store. Well, they didn’t send anyone, and I have been back several times since not wearing one.

Another outstanding thing with June so far is I have been doing far better with my writing here on the blog, other than the weekend I have got in a post almost every day, and this has been a goal of mine from the get go. I am getting better. The more I write the better I feel about writing even if it is nothing more than being about my day-to-day BS of my life.

Well, that is all for now.
– iWrite4Me