So I was poking around looking for another theme to use, and just found one which I liked, so I switched that up today. I like simple for a website. I don’t want it too complicated that makes things look messy. And the more complicated the theme is in looks, the harder it is to manage.

I still might change up the colors because it allows for changes to that as well and what I like the most about it was, it seems to have less wasted space in the theme. And I might just leave it as it is right now. So if you see things randomly changing on the website throughout the day, I am just experimenting with the settings to make things more how I want them.

Yesterday was great, got to eat after nearly 3 full days of fasting, had some keto stuffed meatballs for dinner with a salad beforehand and then I snacked on some of these meatballs later. That has to hold me till the weekend when I get to eat some more. The bonus about the weekend is I will eat more, which is good because come Sunday night after that last meal it will be 5 full days of fasting to come after that.

When I am done with this period of fasting that I am doing I am thinking I will switch things up to Ketovore, which is meat heavy Keto, I think this will work out best for me to eat. I miss eating vegetables and salad and being able to consume some carbs; I don’t think I have much of an issue with them so long as I keep them to a minimum and concentrate on eating the ones good for me.

I have been trying to be better about posting things on the daily, so far so good as I have been doing just that. It isn’t much from my boring ass life but hey it’s something. That is part of the problem, I don’t write because I think what I have to say means nothing to anyone but does it matter, but what if it helps just one person, then it wasn’t pointless? So I write!

This is it for now!
– iWrite4Me