Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything here and that is my fault because I have been neglecting this site somewhat, but I have been doing some updates today on it to get it all up to date.

One thing I want to update is that I am doing another period of fasting, which I started on Sunday. At this point I have been fasting for over 72 hours. I weighed myself on Monday morning and came in at 206.8 and as of this morning I am now at 196. So in two days I dropped 10 pounds. Surely can’t complain about that at all. I am still far away from my goal weight, but I am getting closer. The last rational fast I did got me out of a weight loss rut which allowed me to drop roughly 30 pounds permanently so I hope that with this go around I come out of it at around 185, my end goal I think will be 175. After I get there I will concentrate on adding back some weight as muscle depending on where my body fat percentage winds up when done.

I also have made an update to my Editing Service’s page. I lowered the price I was charging per page to compete with what the market seems to charge from what I have noticed. I don’t want my offering underpriced or overpriced. Somewhere in the middle is where I hope I have landed. If you might need some editing or proofreading, please visit that page and check it out.

That is it for today, more when I get to the end of my fasting period with an update on where my weight landed at the end.

– iWrite4Me