Yes, it is a new week, and apparently the country is falling apart at the seams. It just seems that no one comprehends a peaceful protest that has a goal of getting something done. What shocks me even more is that in this country we are still dealing with racism at any level. There is no place for it as we are one people, AMERICANS!

Onto other things. So I started doing the rational fast, and as of today I am now into nearly 48 hours of fasting. When I finally get to eat tomorrow I will be near 72 or more hours of total fasting. Then I will do two more days of fasting before getting to eat for the weekend, though I will only eat over a 4 hour window with at least 20 hours of fasting on both Saturday and Sunday. Come Sunday evening after the last bit of food I have then I will fast till the following Friday, so 5 full days of fasting. Now I will however consume at least a gallon of water per day with an electrolyte solution in it.

This past weekend was fun, hit the range for some shooting which was nice as I have a membership to a great outdoor range now and that makes it much more fun to shoot. That was on Saturday, on Sunday we went out for a 30+ mile bike ride along the C&D Canal near our home in Delaware, it was a great ride and a beautiful day for it so that made it even better. Unfortunately, my pale ass got all good and sun burnt, at least on the backs of my hands and forearms, which is no fun at all. Lots of aloe and lotion to make sure it heals up nicely.

The work week has started off busier than I would have expected and next week might be just as busy. Today alone I have been on 4 telecoms, the last of which is coming up in a few minutes. Then I am done for the day and it is off to get in my cardio for the day. Have to postpone weightlifting till my knee and shoulder don’t feel as jacked up thanks to the bike ride on Sunday.

Well, this is it for now.
– iWrite4Me