So I have been on a quest to get my weight down to normal from a high of about 400+ pounds. It has been years since I have weighed that much, probably more than a decade ago. I have gone through many periods of time where my weight hasn’t budged for months at a time. Throughout this time, though, I have still kept going down. Now before you think I was just some fat guy, at 400+ I was actually just 20% body fat, I have been primarily into powerlifting my entire life so the name of the game was always to be big and strong, at least until it wasn’t.

Powerlifting destroyed my knees and my one shoulder, so along the way I have ramped down my training, especially after my second knee surgery. That was 25 years ago, and I had a time where I felt good and fooled myself into lifting heavier. That eventually didn’t workout for me too well. That is where the decision to lose weight came in, so I started changing my training and my diet to drop the weight. The first 100 came off pretty quickly, but it took me quite some time, as I wasn’t in this to just lose it and gain it back, I wanted it to stay off.

Along the way I have kept losing weight but have gotten stuck, and every time I get stuck I have to do something different which helps to get my unstuck. And that has carried me to where I am today, right around 202 pounds as of my last weigh in. This has fluctuated on and off over the last few months, but I have consistently stayed below 210 for the last 4 to 6 months.

The primary driver for my weight loss now is to rid myself of the blood pressure pills I had to take about 4 years ago. I figure at this point I need to drop another 20 – 25 pounds from where I am to meet that goal. So right now this is all about my health and longevity and not really anything else. What I did the last time to unstick myself was a thing called rational fasting, it worked well; I was at 233 when I started it and ended it at just under 200 pounds, so I lost over 30 pounds in roughly 2 weeks’ time.

Problem with that is I to some extent went back to some of my old habits with eating, and that has caused me to get stuck again, so I am contemplating doing another of these two-week periods of fasting to drop more weight and hopefully to get my away from those bad habits and keep me doing what I need to do to stay more healthy for the long run. I don’t intend to be a complete saint but I need to get to a point where I limit myself to just a single day a week where I can step away from the way I should eat and get some goodies. Running through this two-week time period would likely result in the loss of another 15 — 20 pounds or more and get me to my goal weight faster and maybe break me away from my sugar/carb addiction better.

My only hesitation in doing this has nothing to do with me, but with my wife, because her anorexia has gotten the better of her recently and she is back to literally starving herself as she has done before. And in me doing this period of fasting thing she would want to do it, and that makes me leary being that she need not drop anymore weight, as she has already lost about 30 pounds and she need not lose anymore. I have the weekend to figure it out, because I want to start this up come Monday. The upside is that with what groceries cost, it will save a couple hundred bucks… LOL.

That is all for now!
– iWrite4me