This whole trying to get daily posts done is difficult, though I try like hell to make it happen I am still falling short. I know the only way for me to get regular visitors who come back here often is to post often, which requires writing often. I think the hard part is just finding topics to write about that have nothing to do with my boring ass life.

But for today, we can go over my boring ass week. At this point I am still working from home, that has been ongoing from 17 March, it is now the end of May so it has been over 2 months. And according to some emails from higher ups, it appears this could go on likely till August at the latest or possibly in July. So looking at another month. I also used to travel for work at least once a month or more. This has been basically banned until the end of June, and could be continued after that. That one is a more wait and see.

I don’t find it so bad to work from home; it is enjoyable; I am not a fan of people so only having to interact with people through electronic means I no big deal to me. Like right now I am on a teleconference which I just get to listen to what is going on, I don’t even have to take any real part in it but I wanted to be informed because what is being talked about is directly affecting by my job.

Otherwise at home after I finish work I get in a workout, and that is the extent of my day at that point. So I have a boring life. Honestly, I don’t mind that at all.

I however can’t wait for this weekend, it better be nice, I have been waiting to get some range time in for quite some time so I am looking forward to it. I have new guns that need to be run through their paces, most especially my new EDC an FN 509 Compact MRD (Everyday Carry) just to make sure it runs as I want it to. And beyond that, I have three others that I haven’t shot yet. Also, will be the first time at new outdoor range I joined a couple of months ago. Always more fun to shoot outside for sure.

I am definitely going to come up with more things to write about here and start posting more interesting stuff, or at least try to.

All for now, maybe more later!
– iWrite4Me