In this case, what sucks most is having someone in your life who has an issue with an eating disorder. My wife is that person, I wish she would realize that her disorder doesn’t just affect her, and that it affects other people in her life, like everyone. Last night she ate for the first time in I would say about 72 hours. After not eating for so long, her body wasn’t exactly all that happy about taking in the food. So she hasn’t eaten since other than maybe some crackers earlier today.

I have tired so much of the issues last night I just flat out told her you eat when you feel like it; I am done, I just can’t deal with fighting with her anymore about it. I will probably still poke at her from time to time because well hard habits aren’t easy to break.

Even I was smart enough to realize that my issue was affecting not just me, and so since 2009 I have been 100% clean and sober, so I am now approaching 11 years. I know that my disease affected others in my life not just while I was drinking but for a couple of years after because those first couple of years I was the angry ex drunk. I have since worked through my anger issues, mostly; I have times when I get some anger built up, but I have found good releases for those times. That is where lifting and hitting the range comes in.

On an up note, it is nice as all get out outside here up in the Northeast and that is great other than with my allergies giving me hell because of the weather changes and all the trees budding and flowers starting up with the pollen. But my body will adjust and I will get over it.

I have been going at the intermittent fasting again; I think it is doing me some good because I feel better since starting it up. After the ton of crap I ate this past weekend, I needed it. My other issue is being addicted to carbs, so I am working hard at. It is an easy solve; I love eating meat, and that is what I am concentrating on doing; it works for me, and it has helped get me unstuck from my weight loss. I got stuck at one point and I am stuck again, but all good, I got stuck nearly 30 pounds lighter than when I started. As it stands, I have roughly 26 pounds to go before I reach my goal weight. Once there, I will see if I want to go any further or not. It will depend mostly on what my body fat percentage is. Part of my goal is to get to around 12 – 15%.

My regular job has had me working from home, I have been here in my home office since March 17th, and there is no date for us to actually return to work at our actual office. It will be interesting to see how that goes when it happens.

Well, this is it for now!
– iWrite4Me