What a great title. So this isn’t all that great of a start I am off to with trying to get regular posts up on this blog. I think has more to do with not finding things to write about on the regular.

Hopefully something that will make it easier I have a new keyboard set up on the way for my iPad Pro which I use to do the vast majority of my writing here and probably will use for most of my writing. Have something new from Zagg coming today, and it is a much better keyboard set up than what I am using now. I envision that will make it far more comfortable to type, and that will be nice.

This, but in black, with a Holosun 507C v2 till my 508T gets here.

I finally got in touch with my LGS (Local Gun Shop), trying to get my hands on an FN 509 Compact MRD to use as my new carry gun. Yes, I carry a gun, as everyone should so long as you are capable of doing so, we are all responsible for our own defense, more so now than ever! I have been trying to find something compact that I like which will mount a red dot sight, and this is the one. I have the larger mid size one which I love and I want to get my hands on the even larger tactical version which I will do later this year.

On the fitness side of things, daily workouts are still on, I have it that way; I have a basement gym, which has everything I need to get quite a good workout done every day, and I make good use of it. My weight is at a standstill yet again, hovering around 206, still another 26 pounds to go to reach my goal, but I am also 20+ pounds down from just a few months ago. It is definitely harder to lose weight when you are getting older, have to do more drastic things. I had stopped intermittent fasting a few weeks ago to get more calories, but decided last week to add it back and I feel much better now that I have done so. I have added that morning food as a snack in the afternoon prior to my workout.

My workouts are something I have been changing so right now I am focused on doing some strength stuff and combining it with a bodybuilding style CrossFit workout, weirdness but it works for me at this point and I am happy with these workouts at this point and will keep at them for the foreseeable future.

Life is boring most of the state I live in is on lockdown still other than big box stores of which I pretty much only go to Home Depot or Lowe’s at this point as we have been doing a lot of home projects which we wanted to get done. We are going to buy stuff to do one more project. New flooring for our home office along with painting the walls a light shade of gray which we have left over from doing our bathroom. After that project not sure what will be next, but that will most likely be doing a backsplash in our kitchen we just have to decide what type of tile to use as that seems to be the least expensive route to go with that.

I have a damned boring life, and I am OK with that, don’t need any extra excitement, just regular life has added enough excitement.

This is all for now
– iWrite4Me