Writing regularly is not something easy to get after. I have. Been finding this out as I try to get this thing rolling the way I want it. I really have no excuse because right now I am working from home and have literally 9 hours a day to get something written and posted on this blog. Hell, I should be able to get at least 2 posts in a day.

So my goal at this point is going to be to focus on getting myself to at least 1 single post per day Monday through Friday from here on out starting with today. Not sure what I will write about from day to day, but I will come up with something without a doubt.

Something that strikes me as funny today is that in this country that was founded on the ideas of Freedom and Liberty, we are sitting back and allowing our government on mostly the state level to shut us all down and tell us how to run our lives. They are quarantining get entire populace over a naturally occurring virus that will probably never see a cure or a vaccine. We need to develop a natural immunity to it, and we can’t very well do this while sitting in our houses and not going out and interacting with other people. Instead, we have sat back and had our government turn us against each other by ratting out people for doing things that might go against what the gov’t has passed down as an edict which doesn’t have the force of law because it wasn’t passed by a legislature. Remember, everyone your governor’s can’t make law.

We have seen unprecedented levels of unemployment in this country, as of this past Friday there are somewhere between 33 – 34 Million people who have filed for unemployment and lots of these people haven’t even gotten a penny from unemployment at this point in time. This is a major failing in the states where people by the thousands haven’t seen a dime, though they filed from day 1 when they were first laid off. But then again, most states have old and antiquated systems for unemployment that have been totally overwhelmed because no one ever expected this level of unemployment would have happen.

Now I am lucky, my job can be done from anywhere, and I am thankful for that so I never skipped a beat, I just went from working in the office to working from home, so no big deal for me. Is it easy, not at all times but I don’t mind working from home, I need not be around people, hell I don’t like most people so I have no issues being at home. I had to spend some money to make working from home more comfortable though, bought a nice stand-up desk which is great and had to invest in a monitor to hook up to my laptop otherwise working wouldn’t have been all that comfortable. But it isn’t bad, and I don’t mind. And I have the company of my dog, though she spends most of the day sleeping 5 feet away from me on her bed that I put in the office for her.

Well, this is it for now, maybe I will find something else to post later on today to get back into doing this, we will see.

Have a Great Day!
– iWrite4Me