And a new week is starting with more of the same stuff as the previous weeks. Still working from home as of this week with it likely to continue for some weeks to come from what I am seeing so far. There is no solid time frame for an actual return to the office at this point.

This past weekend took the time to do some more home projects, which has been what weekends have been about. We put a small paver landing at the base of our steps leading down from our deck, pictured here:

Not bad for a first time ever doing this!

Our other project was to work on interior painting the week before we did the living room, and this past weekend we got the dining room done. Next weekend depending on whether my wife drills we will work on the kitchen and the hallway leading to the front door which will be the last of it for at least now. We will later in the year work on painting some other areas of the house. We just used Pure White Eggshell paint, which is of a higher grade than the contractor crap they used to paint our house at purchase. One of the next upgrades will be new floors in the home office and painting that, not 100% sure of the flooring but likely some Pergo floors to replace the crappy carpet.

Had some good eats this weekend, had a nice 1.5 lb steak, which is good because I was eating shitty for doing carnivore, had some carbs, made my feel like shit as they usually do, so getting to that point where I know I have got to cut that shit out at least for a couple of months and get my body straightened out like I want. Workouts otherwise are going great, I get them in 6 days a week at least 30 minutes per day, usually about 40 minutes and last hop on the scale I was at 205. Still about 25 lbs. To go to hit my goal, 30 if I decide to go to 175. Keeping that target to 180.

So the benefit to the whole stay-at-home thing is shit is getting done that we wanted to get done, so I can’t complain too much about that. I am not even to bothered by having to work from home; I am good with it continuing for the foreseeable future if it does. My job can be done from anywhere, so it’s no big deal.

Well, I think this will be it for now, maybe I will write again later, maybe not.